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For those who are passionate about hummers and those who want the pride of owning one. The light weighted and small sized Hummer3 is all and ready to hit the roads. Unlike HUMMER 1 and HUMMER 2, HUMMER 3 truck is aimed at people who want to have an SUV for everyday life and the HUMMER 3 is therefore much more family friendly than HUMMER H1 and HUMMER H2.

The Hummer 3 is designed to give the best off road handling while not compromising on the on the road conditions. H3 is the vehicle with the best ability to wade of obstacles in dirt track, with its 37.5 degree approach angle and 35.5 degree de angle. a

Hummer 3 comes with an option of 8 colors to pick from and 6 colors for choose from for the interior of the car and the features that can be found on the Hummer 3 are nothing less than exceptional.

Hummer Smart Engine

Hummer3 - H3 uses the smart engine, Vortec 3500. It has 5-speed manual and optional 4-speed automatic transmission. The engine comes with a warranty of 4-years or 50,000 miles.

Hummer H3 Gas Mileage - MPG

GM estimates that hummer H3 provides a gas mileage of 16km in city and a gas mileage 20 km in highway conditions. The Hummer 3 has a trailoring capacity of 3000lb.

HUMMER Performance

The Hummer H3 is equipped with a 2-speed, electronically controlled, 4WD system that exhibits a performance on par with seasoned SUVs. For road conditions, the driver can select high and for off-road conditions, select low. It gives the Hummer better control while moving at slow speeds. The single-wheel traction control makes the Hummer 3 the outstanding performer in off-road conditions. It is also a fuel saver.

Hummer 3 Safety

The hummer3 come with dual front air bags, which enables itself according to the weight of occupant of the seat. This is designed keeping the safety of children in mind. H3 also comes with optional head curtain side air bags. It extends from the roofline to seat belt line. In time of a crash the side airbags on a hummer 3 inflate to provide additional protection to passengers seated on both the front and rear seats.

Hummer3 - H3 comes with the protection of 6G OnStar, which automatically notify an OnStar Advisor with the exact location of the vehicle. If needed, assistance can be made available in no time. If the Hummer 3 door is accidentally closed with the keys inside the vehicle, a advisor from OnStar can open the HUMMER door by sending radio signals. The OnStar feature also lets engine check-up while The Hummer is on the move. In case of theft the OnStar can pinpoint the location of the hummer 3. The hummer3 truck can also activate head lights and horns in case you forget where you parked the vehicle.

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